Simple Action Steps to Take
to Improve School Climate and Safety

Join us Thursday, March 28 at 1pm Central


In this live webinar, Dan Wold, Superintendent of Eureka County Schools, will discuss the direct links between student/staff safety and school climate. Mr. Wold will also provide simple action steps districts can implement to improve school climate and safety.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Key components of a positive school climate
  • How school climate affects school safety
  • Simple action steps your district can take to improve school climate and safety
  • Identifying red flags that could impact school climate and safety

About Our Speaker

Dan Wold
Eureka County Schools
Dan Wold is the superintendent of Eureka County school in Nevada. Eureka has the highest 10-year graduation rate in the nation, the highest test scores in Nevada, the highest aggregate school climate scores in the state, and the highest college/military placement in the Nevada. Mr. Wold also serves on the Nevada Emergency Management Team, the Governor’s Educator Ethics Commission, and the State Grants Commission. In 2008, Mr. Wold was named Nevada’s Most Visionary Educator, in 2016 he was named Nevada’s FFA Star Administrator for his involvement in and support of student activities, and in 2019 he received the national Gatekeeper Award for his advancement of student and staff safety. “Coach Wold” taught art and PE, and coached basketball and track, for 24 years before moving into administration. He served as an assistant principal and athletic director for six years, a principal for five, a district director for two, and is in his third year as superintendent of schools.

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