Enhancing Student Safety:

SRP Framework Fundamentals


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About this Webinar

Register and learn as Andy Arnold from The “I Love U Guys” Foundation dives into Standard Response Protocol (SRP) fundamentals. Developed by The "I Love U Guys" Foundation, SRP is an adaptable, action-oriented framework for effective emergency response.

By fostering a shared vocabulary to be employed during emergencies, the SRP provides a data-driven, logical structure for addressing diverse scenarios like weather events, fires, accidents, intruders, and other threats to student safety. The SRP’s development is ever-evolving, created with extensive collaboration between first responders, public safety, schools, districts, and communities.

Key Takeaways

  • The advantages and fundamental components underpinning the Standard Response Protocol developed by The "I Love U Guys" Foundation
  • Guidance and details around conducting drills, sequencing of the actions, and environmental factors that may impact decisions
  • Integrating panic alert technology with SRP for enhanced emergency coordination

About the Presenters

Andy Arnold,
The “I Love U Guys” Foundation

With a career journey that spans diverse and impactful roles, Andy Arnold has dedicated his life to service and safety.

After starting a career as a Professional Educator, Andy discovered Law Enforcement to be his calling and was sworn in by the City of Beloit Police Department where he served in many capacities including Patrol Operations, Tactical Operations, Investigations (Drug and Gang Unit/FBI Safe Street Task Force), and Supervision. His experiences at Beloit with the Tactical Unit, coupled with his supervisory role, afforded him the opportunity to pursue a Department of State Worldwide Protective Services (WPS) assignment as a High-Threat Diplomatic Security contractor at the United States Embassy-Kabul.

After returning from Afghanistan, he again served the Beloit community as a Beloit Township Police Officer. He continued his policing with the Department of the Army Fort McCoy Directorate of Emergency Services further solidifying his reputation as a steadfast protector until. After that Andy was honored to accept a full-time role at The "I Love U Guys" Foundation as an Instructor/Explorer. In this role, he uses his experience, steadfast commitment, and unwavering dedication to the foundation's mission to restore and protect the joy of youth working with schools, communities, organizations, and government entities.

Peter Trate,
Director of Product Management
Raptor Technologies

Peter Trate is the Director of Product Management at Raptor Technologies. He brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record in driving technology and project management initiatives. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Peter combines his strong technical acumen with a passion for delivering exceptional results.

A true leader in the technology landscape, Peter's dedication to customer service stands out in his commitment to meeting and surpassing customer expectations by delivering effective and impactful solutions.

What truly sets Peter apart is his remarkable fusion of business acumen and technical expertise, enabling him to envision the bigger picture while simultaneously driving tangible outcomes. His unwavering determination to transform visionary concepts into reality exemplifies his dynamic and results-driven approach, leaving an indelible mark on the organizations he serves and their customers' experience with the products they use.

Join us for an in-depth exploration of the Standard
Response Protocol's pivotal role in fortifying school
safety by keeping everyone on the same page.