From Planning to Action:

Executing Effective Emergency Drills


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About this Webinar

Prepare to dive into the world of emergency drills and learn from leading experts in school safety to improve your emergency preparedness.

Register and learn as Patty Oeser, School Safety Director of Rutherford County (TN), and Sergeant Scott Culp, SRO Sergeant at Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, share their expertise and experiences in executing effective emergency drills. Patty and Scott’s real-world insights and practical guidance will help schools enhance their emergency preparedness and improve their safety measures. This webinar covers a range of topics, including collaborative training, drill planning, data-driven insights, and continuous improvement.

Key Takeaways

  • Best Practices for School Drill Planning: Learn how to design and execute drills that closely simulate real-life emergencies for effective preparedness.
  • Data-Driven Safety Enhancement: Discover how data can enhance decision-making and improve overall safety measures and drill effectiveness.
  • Collaboration for Comprehensive Safety: Understand the importance of collaborative training, and gain insights into initiating similar efforts to enhance school safety.

About the Presenters

Patty Oeser,
School Safety Director,
Rutherford County (TN) Organization

Mrs. Patty Oeser is the School Safety Director for Rutherford County Schools where she works to ensure the safety and security of all parents, students, teachers, staff, and visitors within the Rutherford County School District. As Safety Director, her primary goal is to conduct collaborative training between the district and law enforcement agencies, ensuring their readiness for any incident. State-of-the-art equipment and the latest training resources are primary objectives that she takes personal responsibility for.

Patty brings with her twenty-four (24) years of previous law enforcement experience from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. She started as a dispatcher in July 1998, moving to the patrol division in November 1999. In May of 2001, she transferred to the SRO division where she served in each level of education, elementary, middle, high school, and an at-risk accelerated high school. During her tenure in the SRO division, she held a Sergeant position from September 2011 to January 2013 where she supervised a team of 10 SRO’s. Patty held the treasurer position for seven (7) years with the Tennessee School Resource Officers Association. In 2013 she assumed the position of Detective in the Child Crimes Unit working with the ICAC Task Force and monitored the sex offender registry.

She is certified in child forensics and has taught numerous sex abuses classes to other law enforcement officers and currently teaches at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Academy new cadet class as a fill-in instructor. Patty has also taught at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations for the Sex Offender Registry Division. She is also certified to teach Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) and Verbal De-Escalation classes. Patty is currently a member of the Tennessee Public Safety Network and the Rutherford County CIT Task Force.

Sergeant Scott Culp,
SRO Sergeant,
Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office

Sergeant Scott Culp started his law enforcement career as a corrections officer in 1991 at the Logan County Sheriff's Office in Bellefontaine, Ohio. After graduating from the Ohio Peace Officer's Training academy in 1992, Scott worked on patrol and trained with the Ohio Bureau of Investigations as a composite artist and forensic reconstructionist. In 1993 Scott was certified as a D.A.R.E. instructor and was a member of the Ohio DARE officer's selection board.

In 2001, Scott moved to the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee as a School Resource Officer. In 2011, Scott helped set up the Rutherford County uniformed district wide crisis drills and was awarded a commendation for his role in planning and overseeing the drills. For his outstanding performance and dedication to the youth of Rutherford County, he was recognized as the School Resource Officer of the Year in 2011. Additionally, in 2014 the Rutherford County Sheriff’s office SRO's acknowledged Scott for his exemplary service and awarded him the leadership award. Due to his dedication, his innovative practices and leadership accolades, Scott was promoted to SRO Sergeant in 2017. Sergeant Culp is known throughout the district for his rapport with students and faculty and credits his love for his community as the driving factor to his success. Scott is still assigned to oversee the Sheriff's Departments role in planning and facilitating the school district's crisis drills and is the SRO at Central Magnet School (6-12). Scott has additional training in Incident command, Active threat response and responding to terrorism.

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