The High Value of Low‑Level Concerns to Improve Student Wellbeing


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About this Webinar

With an unprecedented number of students needing support for their emotional and mental wellbeing, school counselors and staff are stretched thin, leaving room for students to slip through the cracks. The results are widespread, from student transfers and declining completion rates to threats of harm to self or others.

In this webinar, we will share the practice of Safeguarding, a policy enacted in the UK that focuses on identifying and cataloging low-level concerns and providing early intervention to help students in need. We will highlight ways to leverage this approach to empower all staff to participate and support in creating a holistic view of the individual student.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the value of Safeguarding in the UK and how to apply the approach in schools for better student outcomes
  • Understand the significant role low-level concerns play in helping identify students who need support
  • Gain insights to help prepare for and manage the volume of students needing support for their emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Explore how low-level concerns can be integrated into Behavioral Threat Assessment (BTA) workflows and case management processes

About the Presenters

Ann Marie Christian
International Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer
Council of International Schools

From the UK, and with over 25 years of practitioner experience and 17 years of social work management, Ann Marie specializes in Safeguarding Training & Consultancy and is passionate about Thresholds and Safeguarding. She ensures schools and organizations are fully embedded and fully absorbed in their 'Duty to Safeguard' and provide a preventative service, to offer early help, to young people and their families. She supports organizations with their vulnerable families that do not meet the child protection threshold by offering supervision, trouble shooting, training and consultancy. In addition to the Council of International Schools, Ann Marie has consulted and partnered with Anglia Ruskin University, the UK Boarding Schools’ Association, British School in the Middle East, the Safeguarding and Child Protection Association, The Premier League, Zurich Insurance Company, and many more.

Molly Hudgens
School Counselor and Author
Cheatham County School System, TN

Molly Hudgens is in her 24th year as an educator in the Cheatham County School System where she serves as a school counselor at Sycamore Middle School in Pleasant View, Tennessee. In addition to her counseling role, she also serves on SMS’s Crisis Management and Leadership Teams. When a 14-year-old student, armed with a semi-automatic handgun and an additional magazine of ammunition and a plan to harm people on the Sycamore Middle School campus came to her office on Sept. 28, 2016, Molly implemented her training and personal faith to convince the student to relinquish his weapon to her with no shots fired and no lives lost. As a result of her intervention, Molly was recognized as a 2017 Congressional Medal of Honor Citizens Honor recipient for her single act of heroism. She later authored a book detailing the experience, “Saving Sycamore: The School Shooting that Never Happened.”

Dorian Van Horn
Director, Investigative Operations
Ontic/SIGMA Threat Management Associates

Dorian possesses three decades of threat assessment and management experience including former roles of Special Agent, of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Division Chief and principal architect of the NCIS Threat Management Unit Insider Threat program. She has extensive experience in domestic violence, stalking, child abuse, sexual assault, insider threat, workplace violence, school violence, narcotics, suicide and homicide investigations. Dorian has trained countless individuals in government agencies, schools, corporations, hospitals, and private companies on identifying and managing potential threats. She has held numerous advisory board roles including on the Lifeline Violence/Threat Assessment Advisory Work Group and the Department of Homeland Security National Threat Evaluation and Reporting Program. She serves as the first Vice President of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) and is a member of ATAP's Certification and Development team. Additionally, she was awarded the ATAP Meritorious Service Award.

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