How to Build a Culture of School Safety


Originally Aired 5/10/2022

One Hour

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About the Webinar

Every interaction with a student has the power to impact school culture and foster an environment of safety and support. When it comes to emergency preparedness, prevention, and response, it all starts with building positive relationships and communication.

Join us as we examine these fundamental aspects of fostering a culture of school safety. Safe Kids, Inc. Co-Founder Adam Coughran and former Associate Director of Texas School Safety Center Jeff Caldwell will share their experiences focusing on building relationships with students as well as the importance of communication and collaboration between teachers, admin, law enforcement, mental health professionals, and others in the community to create safe schools.

Key Takeaways
  • How building positive staff and student relationships at all levels of K-12 schools supports student wellbeing and safety
  • How to run trauma informed safety and security training and drills to build student and staff confidence
  • How connecting students with appropriate interventions can prevent acts of violence
  • The importance of student, staff, and community relationships on emergency preparedness, prevention, and response

Webinar Guests

Adam Coughran
Jeff Caldwell, former Associate Director of the Texas School Safety Center
Adam Coughran
Adam Coughran, Co-Founder, Safe Kids Inc.