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Leveraging School Safety Essentials: Security, Training, and Culture

When it comes to school safety, there are a multitude of considerations to be made by administrators to keep students safe. Many school leaders find themselves overwhelmed with competing priorities, systems, and technologies. With so many options, choosing the wrong combination could actually do more harm than good.

Watch our recorded webinar to hear Adam Coughran, President and Co-Founder of Safe Kids, Inc. and Dr. Jake Hollatz, Principal of St. John’s Lutheran School, discuss essential actions school administrators, teachers, and support staff can take to:

  • Establish sensible security measures
  • Build a healthy school culture
  • Conduct trauma informed, knowledge-based training
  • You will also learn about the partnership between Raptor Technologies and Safe Kids. This partnership enables school districts to complement Raptor school security software with the H.E.R.O. Program®, which provides critical and age-appropriate training to empower students and teachers during a violent intruder incident.

    Safe Kids is offering a school-year subscription of the H.E.R.O. curriculum for all current Raptor customers at no cost.

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