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Pennsylvania School Mental Health & Safety Grants: Criteria and Eligible Solutions

Grant Application Deadline: Aug. 31, 2022

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About this Workshop

Raptor Technologies and Lightspeed Systems have teamed up with Dr. Paula Love, President of RFPMatch and highly sought-after grant writing consultant, to bring you this workshop outlining the Pennsylvania Act 55 School Mental Health & Safety and Security Grants for the 2022-23 school year, totaling $190 million. This workshop outlines important aspects of the grant as well as provides an overview of how Raptor Technologies and Lightspeed Systems can provide solutions that help meet the needs these grants are designed to fulfill.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand eligibility, criteria and opportunities available with the Pennsylvania School Mental Health & Safety and Security Grants
  • Gain insight on grant writing best practices
  • Explore how the Raptor StudentSafe™ and Lightspeed Alert solutions meet grant criteria and can work together to build a culture of school safety and student wellbeing through a robust, transparent, data-driven approach to early intervention for students in distress including cataloging mental health concerns, bullying issues and more
  • Learn about additional software solutions from Raptor for visitor management, emergency preparedness, management and conducting drills that meet the criteria for the Pennsylvania grants 

Featured Speaker

Dr. Paula Love,
The Funding Doctor
President, RFPMatch.com

Dr. Paula Love, known as the Funding Doctor, is a highly sought out speaker, writer, and publisher in education funding. She has nearly five decades of experience and a winning track record using proven funding strategies for for-profit and nonprofit organizations, state and local educational agencies, schools, and institutions of higher learning.

Dr. Love's public service includes educational leadership and administrative roles at local, state, and federal levels with passion for helping others find funds and with a focus on securing and managing millions of dollars of major grant initiatives.

Join us to learn about using Pennsylvania grant dollars to create a culture of school safety and wellbeing.