Crisis Planning: It Takes a Village

Join us Thursday, January 10th at 1pm CST


In this webinar, Dr. Cynthia Ryals will share ways to anticipate potential barriers to crisis intervention and highlight practical viewpoints from various disciplines in school crisis response to provide you with techniques for enhancing school crisis response.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Specific techniques for collaborating during a crisis
  • Ways to develop a comprehensive crisis intervention plan
  • Key tactics for enhancing school crisis response
  • Best practices for communication with first responders

About Our Speaker

Dr. Cynthia Ryals
St. Alphonsus Catholic School
Dr. Cynthia Ryals is the principal of St. Alphonsus Catholic School and services on the Diocese of Baton Rouge School Safety Committee. Dr. Ryals earned her Doctorate in 2014 from Southeastern Louisiana University. Her dissertation study, entitled School Leaders’ Perceptions of Conducting Active Shooter Drills, led to her participation in several active shooter drills with law enforcement and first responders. She has presented on several educational topics, such as school safety and classroom management at several workshops and conferences. Dr. Ryals also provides direct assistance to school administrators for updating and reviewing their school crisis plans and conducting school campus safety site assessments. She maintains collaboration with local law enforcement agencies and first responders on school safety across several Louisiana parishes.

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Cynthia Ryals, Principal,
St. Alphonsus Catholic School

Crisis Planning: It Takes

a Village

Thursday, January 10th at 1pm CST