Standard Response Protocol Implementation

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About this Webinar

Establishing a consistent, well-coordinated, and rehearsed response protocol to various emergency incidents that everyone can understand forms the bedrock of a safe and secure educational environment.

Watch and learn as Jim French, Instructor with The “I Love U Guys” Foundation, and Eric Vetere, Safety & Emergency Manager, San Bernardino City USD Office of Safety & Emergency Management, discuss implementing the Standard Response Protocol (SRP).

Developed by The "I Love U Guys" Foundation, this protocol serves as an adaptable, action-oriented, and easy-to-learn framework for responding to emergencies.

Key Takeaways

  • How to implement SRP and where to start.
  • Overcoming challenges, and teaching both students and staff about the framework.
  • Avoiding and addressing paralysis by analysis during implementation.
  • Building networks and collaborative relationships with local first responder agencies.

Jim and Eric also answered attendee questions live during an interactive Q&A session.

About the Presenters

Jim French,
The "I Love U Guys" Foundation

Jim French joined The “I Love U Guys” Foundation in September of 2023 following retirement after serving public education for 33 years, with the first 7 years teaching mathematics and the final 24 of those years as a high school principal and crisis planning coordinator. In his last year as a principal, he also served the district in a different capacity and developed the district's crisis plans and reunification processes.

During his tenure in education, he was honored as Catalyst University's Principal of the Year in 2018, along with the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association (MIPA) Administrator of the Year in 2021. Jim was elected to a Board of Directors seat for the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP), and after serving in that capacity for two years, he was elected President of MASSP in 2017 and had the pleasure of representing over 1,700 building principals across the state of Michigan. Currently, Jim is an Instructor/Explorer at The “I Love U Guys” Foundation, and uses his experience to train others on the Standard Response Protocol (SRP) and Standard Reunification Method (SRM).

Eric Vetere,
Safety & Emergency Manager,
San Bernardino City USD Office of Safety & Emergency Management

Eric is a 25-year public safety veteran with the San Bernardino City USD. Eric is currently the District’s Safety & Emergency Manager, overseeing emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, operations, and recovery. Eric is also a Reserve Police Officer for the School District and the Commander of the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s West Valley Search and Rescue team.

Eric was a First Responder and played key incident management roles for both the December 2nd terrorist attacks as well as the North Park elementary school shooting. Eric has been instrumental in leading the District through many small and large crises throughout his career, most notably the two violent acts mentioned above, a cyber ransomware attack in 2019, and as the Incident Commander for the COVID-19 Incident Management Team (IMT), which ran for 18 months.

Eric holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business and various professional licenses and certifications, including graduation from the FEMA Academy, Emergency Medical Technician, Terrorist Liaison Officer, and CPTED designations. He’s also an instructor in various facets, including Critical Incident Management, Active Shooter Response, First Aid, CPR, and Stop the Bleed through the Department of Homeland Security. He prides himself on bridging gaps and building relationships with other agencies to keep schools and the community safe.

Watch on-demand to learn about an easy-to-understand response protocol for effective, rapid responses when unforeseen events occur, potentially saving lives.