The Future of School Safety Reimagined

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About this Webinar

Learn how Raptor Technologies is reimagining the future of school safety with the launch of new products in 2024 including the next generation of visitor management, ticketing and event solutions, parent and staff mobile applications, and more!

Watch on-demand and experience how we're reimagining the future of school safety across four critical areas:

  • School Community Safety: Imagine a more extensive view of school safety. One that shares the responsibility of school safety with our communities. Imagine a frictionless way to bring your community on campus that is more secure than anything before.
  • Campus Safety: Imagine school staff confidently reunifying students and families. Imagine a safe and efficient dismissal process every single day. Imagine expanding the perimeter of school safety to buses, stadiums and events.
  • Staff Safety: Imagine strategically supporting staff with comprehensive training programs, an array of valuable resources and modern technology that helps them embrace their role as stewards of safety.
  • Student Safety: Imagine identifying a student in need before it becomes a crisis. Turn wellbeing policies into action that makes a difference. Imagine a platform that supports rather than defines your school’s needs.

About the Presenters

Chris Noell,
Chief Product Officer,
Raptor Technologies

Chris leads Raptor’s Product and Engineering teams, developing solutions to meet school safety needs. He brings 25+ years of experience designing, developing, and operating security software. Prior to Raptor, Noell was the head of product for Alert Logic, a Managed Detection and Response company. He was also formerly the senior vice president of engineering at Alert Logic and the founder of TruComply, a payments security SaaS provider. During his tenure at Alert Logic, Noell created the industry’s leading cloud security solution, integrated acquired endpoint, web application firewall (WAF) and vulnerability scanning technologies to broaden the company’s threat detection and response capabilities, and led the transition of Alert Logics platform to a modern microservices architecture.

Peter Trate,
Director, Product Management,
Raptor Technologies

Peter brings with him a wealth of experience and a proven track record in driving technology and project management initiatives. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Peter combines his strong technical acumen with a passion for delivering exceptional results. A true leader in the technology landscape, Peter's dedication to customer service stands out in his commitment to meeting and surpassing customer expectations by delivering effective and impactful solutions.What truly sets Peter apart is his remarkable fusion of business acumen and technical expertise, enabling him to envision the bigger picture while simultaneously driving tangible outcomes. His unwavering determination to transform visionary concepts into reality exemplifies his dynamic and results-driven approach, leaving an indelible mark on the organizations he serves and their customers' experience with the products they use.

Watch today and take the next step towards creating a safer environment for your school community as we reimagine the future of school safety together.